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Allset is a personalized mobile messaging platform for home service businesses. Our software automatically sends engaging text messages to homeowners after every completed appointment. Hundreds of businesses using Allset see an increase of 30%+ revenue.
Authenticiti is taking out the supply chain complexities between buyers and sellers by creating a hyper real-time digital platform for them to connect, share and serve. We do that by deploying our open-source blockchain-based platform to achieve real-time visibility, hyper-efficiency and faster payment for industrial manufacturers.
Cultos enables brands to bring their customer acquisition, engagement and retention programs to Web3!
Decoded Health’s mission is to create a future of optimal health through universal access to primary care. To realize this level of accessibility, Decoded Health is developing an Integrated Primary Care Delivery Platform that automates patient communication, maximizing access by dynamically matching patients with the care they need.
Delos is a new technology-intensive brand of property insurance. Delos combines new data and machine learning with a digital platform to fix coverage gaps, re-envision the consumer experience, and create more accurate catastrophe risk models. Consumers will finally have a modern, technological solution to a long-endured frustration. A solution that understands consumers’ risk in a planet that’s changing faster than ever before.
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Farmstead is an artificial intelligence-powered farm to doorstep grocery delivery startup. Farmstead's personalized Smart Shopping List helps the user discover new dishes to cook and buy what they love in minutes. The user saves time, waste less food, and eat healthier with their fresher-than-theirr-supermarket supply chain.
Fuse is an inventory planning solution powering the next generation of commerce. We enable top brands like Glossier and LOLA to scale their supply chain by minimizing stockouts & overstock. Planners love our product because it saves them time & pain, and provides them with a central source of truth for their inventory.
Grain provides a line of credit to your existing checking account, without checking your credit score or issuing a physical card.
Hawkhill Homes empowers consumers to unlock their share of the American Dream. Connecting investors and consumers.
Komodo Health develops computer software that brings transparency and market intelligence to healthcare and life sciences. Its software platform applies artificial intelligence and other advanced data science techniques to its Healthcare Map. The company empowers a multitude of healthcare stakeholders life science companies, healthcare payers and providers, patient advocacy groups, and others to create a more cost-effective, value-driven healthcare system.
Locate is the first tech-enabled brokerage that uses data and A.I. to help retailers open stores in the right location. The company's services use machine learning algorithms, key metrics and predictive analytics including mobile GPS locations, enabling users to identify target customer profiles and their consumer behaviors as well as forecast the revenue of potential sites. Retailers are able to open stores that generate 10% higher sales and Locate brokers become 2x producers using this technology.
Prime Trust powers innovation in the digital economy by providing fintech and digital asset innovators with financial infrastructure. Our API platform and plug-and-play widgets allow companies to build seamlessly, launch quickly, and scale securely.