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Developer Relations / Marketing



Marketing & Communications, Software Engineering
Cupertino, CA, USA
Posted on Thursday, May 30, 2024

About Etched

Etched is building AI chips that are hard-coded for individual model architectures. Our first product (Sohu) only supports transformers, but has an order of magnitude more throughput and lower latency than a B200. With Etched ASICs, you can build products that would be impossible with GPUs, like real-time video generation models and extremely deep chain-of-thought reasoning.

Developer Relations / Marketing

As we get close to production, we want to build a brand in the open-source community. We’re huge believers in open-source models, and as an AI company that sells hardware, we’re comfortable sharing much more software publically than other AI companies. Additionally, we plan to publish research and collaborations that feature models and workloads that run exceptionally well on our hardware.

As our first external-facing team member, you will build our developer relations plan and work closely with Robert (COO) and our ML research team to implement it.

Representative projects:

  • Running research collaborations with potential customers (AI labs and companies)
  • Creating a PhD fellowship that sponsor compute to projects that focus on use cases for our first chip
  • Organizing the release of an Etched open-source model
  • Working with the software team to release great docs for using our chip
  • Speaking (or getting someone to speak) at AI hackathons, conferences, and events
  • Creating and running our end-to-end marketing strategy (PR, social, events, etc.)

You may be a good fit if you:

  • Ran developer relations at an Etched customer
  • Have experience running, releasing, and maintaining open-source AI projects
  • Have experience leading AI communities
  • Have a large Twitter following
  • Are interested in a broader role than most DevRel roles (strategy, brand, marketing, etc.)

We encourage you to apply even if you do not believe you meet every single qualification.

Strong candidates may also have experience with:

  • Connections with potential research collaborators (academic labs, foundation models, AI companies, etc.)
  • Familiarity with the marketing strategy of prominent open-source AI companies (Mistral, Together, HuggingFace, etc.) and AI companies (Perplexity, OpenAI, Anthropic, etc.)

How we’re different:

Etched believes in the Bitter Lesson. We think most of the progress in the AI field has come from using more FLOPs to train and run models, and the best way to get more FLOPs is to build model-specific hardware. Larger and larger training runs encourage companies to consolidate around fewer model architectures, which creates a market for single-model ASICs.

We are a fully in-person team in Cupertino, and greatly value engineering skills. We do not have boundaries between engineering and research, and we expect all of our technical staff to contribute to both as needed.


  • Full medical, dental, and vision packages, with 100% of premium covered, 90% for dependents
  • Housing subsidy of $2,000/month for those living within walking distance of the office
  • Daily lunch and dinner in our office
  • Relocation support for those moving to Cupertino